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Sunday, May 31, 2009


Hello Everyone.

Sorry i have been on vacation put i'am back. I was sent a new product from a company called Terracycle and to let you all know they are an ECO FREINDLY BRAND!!
A few of the products they sent me to test was
1. STAIN AND ODOR REMOVER - Of course an all natural product that is safe on carpets, clothing, bedding, etc. . removes dirt to blood.

2. YARD ODOR REMOVER - I really loved this one just because i have lava rocks in the yard. try getting the smell off those. worked fantastic.... a must have!!

3. STOOL DESTROYER - You spray this directly onto the poop wait 24 to 48 hours to fully decompose. I find this perfect for smaller dogs. What i like about this product also is after you spray it on it takes away the smell of feces.

4. TRASH CAN PROTECTOR - Even though i don't live in the country and we don't have animal problems with our trash cans what i did like about this product was how nice our garbage cans smelled. We all know how garbage cans get really smelly after awhile. Love this one!!!

5. HARDWOOD FLOORS - This is a stain and odor remover for your hardwood floors. Okay what i like about this one is anyone who has hardwood floors knows you cannot put any kind of chemicals on them. You have to clean them with very, very little water and if you have animals that have had accidents on hardwood you will smell it no matter what after awhile. This product is chemical free. Made with water, minerals and essential oils. Cleans and smells fresh after using. Can also be used on marbles and tiles!!

To order any of these products or to try out any of their other products go to:

Pet Friendly Hotels