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Listen to internet radio with ATN on Blog Talk Radio

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I have info on this great company called care credit. I have it and i love it. What i love about it is that you can use it for yourself and your animals.
it is like a credit card and when you go to the site you can add in your area and try and see if there are any vets or doctors in your area that accept carecredit.They have no interest payment plans, extented payment plans. so you can choose. I was lucky because my vet whom i love accepts carecredit and if im running alittle low on cash towards the end of the month i know i have my card and can take my animals in if they need to be looked at and it is nice to have that option.


you can do an application online or you can do one over the phone


you can use this card for anything pertaining to health but i love that i can use it for my animals also.

Also remember that acetaminopen is in over 2oo perscriptions and over the counter too like tylenol, vicodin, lorcet, etc. it makes us feel better when we take it but one pill can kill a cat and can cause kidney failure and liver damage to your dogs so be real careful with your household meds. dogs are commonly posioned by ibuprofen which can be found in motrin, advil, midol, etc.
please be aware of this. thank you

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